Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Preview: Sharks vs Penguins

October 25th, 2019 NHL Hockey

Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Preview: Sharks vs Penguins. As the series to determine the new Stanley Cup Champions begin, online betting fans have already began to place their wagers on the series and on game 1. For the moment the Pittsburg Penguins have gathered the majority of action at first. This isn’t really any type of surprise, after all they are rightfully considered the favorites, after outlasting the Lightning in 7 grueling games and surviving tough series prior to that against the Rangers and Capitals. Yet the Penguins are yet to face, perhaps, their toughest opponent, and they come in the form of some scary dudes with big beards. The Sharks are not going to enter the  Stanley Cup Finals  just “happy to be there”, they want to win… badly.

The line at SBG Global Sportsbook for game one currently reads:

Sharks          +1½ (-225)  Total: 5½ (+120)     ML: +130

Penguins       -1½ (+185)  Total: 5½ (-140)      ML: -150

The Penguins hold the home-ice advantage for the series and that will provide them some edge to enter the series. However, throughout the playoffs both Penguins and Sharks have let teams steal wins at home, so that advantage might not be as a determining factor as some online betting fans might expect.

Game one’s main storyline is if both teams forward lines will cancel each other out. The successes of both teams have had came directly from their front lines and if that were to continue, this series will be tightly contested. The supporting cast from both Sharks and Penguins will be the deciding fact in the end if both forward lines don’t manage to provide an edge to their team. Yet, in the end many pundits agree that the HBK line is slightly better than the Shark’s line.

At the goalie position, both teams can be sure that they both have fantastic goalies and their performance on these crucial games will be a determining factor. However it seems that in this position the Sharks might have a bit of an edge as the Penguins have used three goalies throughout the playoffs. Murray has been good when on the ice, but Marc-Andre Fleury is on the bench waiting his turn to take his spot.

Game one will see the Penguins trying to establish a lead early on. The Sharks will try to hang on and take at least one game from their stay in Pittsburg before moving down to San Jose. The Penguins will have an all out attack and they will get on the board. The total line of 5½ line seems very appealing considering that both teams have powerful and resourceful frontlines. In the end the Sharks will push this game to the limit, but the Penguins will win it 4-3 in regulation time. Thus taking the first game in what will be an epic series and a real treat for all online betting fans.

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