Stanley Cup Betting: MVPs at SBG Global

Stanley Cup betting is chock full of great and memorable moments.But as hockey betting fans know the great moments in hockey especially on the grand stage of Stanley Cup wagering are generally produced by great players. And if you look through a list of Conn Smythe Trophy winners (the equivalent of a Stanley Cup betting MVP) you’ll see a list of some of the greatest hockey players to every lace up skates.

Stanley Cup wagering historians argue constantly about the greatest players in the game’s history and especially about the greatest players in Stanley Cup wagering history. Wayne Gretsky is arguably the greatest player ever featured in hockey betting and one the most dominant athletes of all time in any sport. And so it should come as little surprise that Gretzky has provided plenty of great Stanley Cup betting moments. In fact, the Great One has had his name etched onto the Conn Smythe Award twice, as the best player in that year’s Stanly Cup wagering playoffs. Although with all the other great achievements for Gretzky you expect him to have more of these Stanly Cup wagering awards to his name.

But the list of the winners of the award for the top player in Stanley Cup wagering is full of tremendous players, the all time greats in hockey betting history. Dating back to the 1960’s you’ll see Bobby Orr’s name on the list multiple times as the best player in the Stanley Cup betting playoffs. In the seventies you’ll find Guy LaFluer’s name and Bernie Parent appears twice as well. In the 80s and 90s though you find a veritable list of the all time great Stanley Cup wagering players of that era. Gretsky’s teammate Mark Messier was one of the Stanley Cup wagering all time greats and his name appears on the Smythe trophy as well.

And who can forget arguably the greatest Stanley Cup wagering player of all time, Mario Lemeiux whose name is listed twice on the trophy for the best performance in the Stanley Cup wagering. But perhaps the greatest player on the Stanley Cup wagering stage was goal tender Patrick Roy who has won the Smythe trophy three times with three different teams and provided more unforgettable Stanley Cup wagering moments than any other player.