Stanley Cup Betting format at SBG Global

Stanley Cup betting has been around for ages and been a hockey betting favorite for as long as anyone can remember. But there are still sports fans out there that are unfamiliar with the Stanley Cup wagering or even the hockey betting process for that matter. But once you look into Stanley Cup wagering you can see that the format is quite similar to most other sports betting leagues and just as exciting.

Stanley Cup wagering has been a big hit in the hockey betting community and its popularity in the greater sporting world has been gaining momentum in the past decade. After the rule changes made several years after a bitter and protracted lock-out, expansion and higher scoring format has led more people to take an interest in Stanley Cup wagering. Stanley Cup betting has in fact grown tremendously and that expansion has even reached non-traditional hockey betting fans.

To better understand the Stanley Cup wagering process it’s important to understand the playoff format in hockey betting. It’s actually quite simple and Stanley Cup betting format varies only slightly from other types of sports betting. Just as in the NBA the Stanley Cup wagering consists of four rounds of best of seven series. That provides plenty of chances for some top quality hockey betting and ensures that the most deserving teams are featured in the Stanley Cup wagering. Unlike the NCAA basketball tourney where one bad game can ruin at team’s championship hopes, the Stanley Cup odds process ensures that won’t happen.

In the first round the best team always takes on the worst team (for example the 1-8 seed, 2-7 seed, etc) and the seedings are established in such a way that the best teams have the easiest road to the Stanley Cup wagering. After the teams emerge from the first round of games the top remaining seed is once again paired against the lowest remaining seed and so forth as the Stanley Cup lines draws even nearer. This process repeats itself until the Stanley Cup wagering is at hand and only the top two teams remain.

In fact the Stanley Cup wagering format is nearly identical to the NBA betting format and quite simple comprehend. So if you’ve never tried hockey betting or Stanley Cup wagering, what are you waiting for?


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