Scoring Duo in the Stanley Cup Betting Race

The NHL betting post season is the time for stars to shine and with everyone’s mind on making to the Stanley Cup betting finals and this intense pressure is just the kind of conditions that can make or break a hockey betting reputation on the ice.

Hockey is, of course, a team sport but the NHL playoff betting action is when individual players have to rise to the occasion and it’s no coincidence that the clubs with the best Stanley Cup odds also have some the best players in hockey betting.The teams still in the race for the Stanley Cup betting title are obviously loaded with talent but some more so than others.  There are several teams in particular that have incredible scoring duos, but when it comes down to it there’s really only two teams that can stake a claim on their top tandems being the best in the Stanley Cup odds race: Pittsburgh and Washington.

Stanley Cup betting fans are going to get plenty tired of hearing about Sid the Kid and Alex Ovechkin, but for better or worse these are these two players are the face of NHL betting and unquestionably the two most talented players in the hunt for the Stanley Cup betting title.

And their wing men are no slouches either, which is why the top two scoring duos in the NHL playoff betting are Sidney Crosby/Egevni Malkin of the Pens and Ovechkin and Bakstrom of the Caps –no question about it. The only question this hockey betting post season is which duo is better?

Based purely on the numbers they put during the NHL betting regular season the nod has to go to Ovechkin/Bakstrom.  The duo’s combined 210 points is the highest of any teammates and a phenomenal achievement.  But things change in the post season and anyone who watched the Pen’s run to the Stanley Cup betting title last season knows that the Crosby/Malkin (186 points) combo dominated the hockey betting competition last year in the NHL betting playoffs.

Still, the Caps are on fire and Ovechkin/Bakstrom were stronger over 82 games and are best performing scoring duo in hockey at the moment.

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