Rangers vs. Panther, keeping playoff hopes alive

Rangers vs. Panther, keeping playoff hopes alive.  If you made a hockey bet prior to this NHL betting that the Florida Panthers would make the playoffs, you’ve already lost your money.But if you made the same hockey bet that the New York Rangers would make the hockey betting post season, you’ve still got a chance to make good on your sports wager as the Rangers NHL gambling playoffs are still alive.

On April 3rd the New York Rangers travelled to South Florida to take on the lame duck Panthers.  The impressive 4-1 victory for Rangers should leave little doubt as to which was the better team in the hockey wagering competition that night.  With less than a week left in the hockey season every NHL betting matchup from here on out is a life or death situation for the Rangers and on Saturday night they responded lights out.

The Rangers (36-33-10) have 82 points through 79 games and currently sit just three points behind the Boston Bruins for the eighth and final spot in the NHL playoff betting competition.  The sports betting victory against the Panthers earned the Rangers three crucial points in the NHL playoff wagering race and kept the post season betting hopes alive.

The chances of the team making the NHL post season wagering scene are slim, and it’s not exactly the safest hockey bet on the board but there is still a slight possibility.  For New York to get in on the NHL playoff betting action the team will have to win out and count on Boston losing at least one of its few remaining regular season hockey betting matchups.  There is still even a slim chance that the Rangers could overtake the #7 team in the East, the Philadelphia Flyers, a team that with 86 points through 80 games has hardly secured it’s spot in the NHL postseason and must win out to qualify.