2010 Playoff Hockey Betting Was Best Ever

The phrase “best ever” is too easily applied to almost facet of sports betting and it’s lost much of its potency, but to say that the 2010 NHL playoff hockey betting was the best ever would as genuine a statement as you could make.

Without risk of hyperbole this year’s NHL playoff betting was the best that sports betting fans have ever seen.

Before the NHL playoff odds action even began the Washington Capitals were already penciled in by most hockey odds makers as the Stanley Cup betting champs and anyone that made an early hockey bet on the eventual champion probably put their money on Washington as well.

And if not Washington than the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team that every single hockey betting fan knew was going to play against the Capitals in the Eastern Conference playoff betting.  Everyone was so sure that the Caps and the Pens were going to meet up in the playoff hockey betting action that the Ovechkin vs. Crosby series was getting more hype than the Stanley Cup betting odds.

As it turned out, neither team made it very far in the NHL playoff betting.  Washington, by far the best team in the regular season hockey betting (121 points) was bounce din the first round by the #8 seed Montreal Canadiens.  But they would hardly be the only upset.  In fact, out of all the playoff series in the Eastern conference, the Pens first round victory was the only NHL playoff betting series on that side of the bracket that the higher seed won.  And that means a lot fans that made hockey bets lost money, but man, what an exciting way to loose.

The fact that a #7 seed and a #8 seed played for the Eastern Conference title says volumes about how big of a role that upsets played in this year’s NHL playoff betting.  And that’s to say nothing of the thrilling comeback that the Flyers staged against the Bruins, winning 4 straight games after dropping into a 3-0 hole vs. the Bruins.

We may never see another NHL playoff run as exciting and unpredictable as what we saw in 2010 so if you’re a hockey betting fan savor it, as we may have just seen the best NHL playoff betting season ever.

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