Picking Winners vs. NHL Odds

NHL odds can be beaten if you effectively handicap the games and have a basic knowledge of NHL betting odds.Here are a few things that can help you pick winners vs. the NHL lines. NHL odds are based on money lines. The best comparison to use for NHL lines is baseball odds since that sport also uses money lines.  Just as in baseball, the NHL lines are not followed as much by the general public but don’t underestimate the oddsmakers. Many people believe that NHL betting odds are always weak and that is simply not the case.

It is also important to realize as you bet NHL lines that hockey bettors really know what they are doing. The NHL lines makers are extra careful with the NHL odds precisely because they realize that the hockey picks of the “sharps” are quality selections based on in depth knowledge and feel for the game. While it is important to respect the NHL lines it is also just as important to exercise patience and to realize that due to the high volume of games that there will be some bad NHL betting odds and excellent values, if you are patient enough to wait.

Forcing picks against the NHL lines is a sure way to lose money and to end up without a bankroll in short order. There are simply too many games on the board each night in NHL betting odds and the season is too long. You can’t focus on every single game and expect to win versus NHL lines. You must pick and choose your spots just as you do with any other sport during the year.

The linemaker who puts up the NHL lines has a good feel for what the general wagering public will do with their hockey picks and that means the NHL betting lines are set based on public perception.  That gives you value if you are picking and choosing your games.

Picking winners versus the NHL lines requires an open mind and long range vision.  If you want to win money at any type of gambling endeavor you must have patience.  You can’t bet everything you see and expect to win and that includes betting the NHL.  Wait for the right games and the best situations and then bet.  That is the best way to make money as you pick hockey games this year.