Picking Winners in Hockey Betting

Hockey betting provides the opportunity to pick winners in NHL games. There are several factors that must be looked at when you bet on hockey if you want to make money.

Here are some of the things to look at. Hockey betting begins by looking at the lines for the day.  Remember that hockey betting lines are money lines and that means you must look for value.  You can’t continually lay prices of -150 or more when you bet on hockey and win every game.  Remember the value part of the equation as you bet on hockey.

The next main part of hockey betting is to examine both teams. Look at how a team has done in their past few games and then look at how they have done recently against their opponent in hockey betting.  Also factor in intangibles as you bet on hockey like whether or not the team is coming off an emotional series against a rival, starting a long road trip, playing with revenge, etc.  These are all important factors to take into account when you examine the hockey betting odds.

The next part of wagering in hockey betting is the basic stats like the goalies, travel, home/away splits, etc. It is these other factors that can help as you bet on hockey. Another important factor to consider in hockey betting is the injury factor.  It could be that a team is just struggling with top players out of the lineup.  Take a look at the recent news for the team and make sure no key players are missing as you consider hockey betting.  You can get all of this information from the matchups that are listed.  The basic hockey matchup information is available and it can give you an excellent place to start in hockey betting.  You can also go more in depth and consider statistics found at some of the Internet websites.  Matchups are part of the process of getting ready to wager on hockey.  Statistics are the bread and butter of where you want to start when you handicap the hockey games.

All of these factors should be taken into account when you look at hockey betting lines. The more you look at with your hockey betting and the more you take these things into consideration, the better your chances of success will be during the long hockey betting season.

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