Panthers lose to Rangers; hockey betting interest decrease

Panthers lose to Rangers; hockey betting interest decrease. South Florida and hockey bets just don’t seem to go together. Although this sub-tropical region inexplicably is home to an NHL betting franchise, it’s not a very successful one. Nor does it draw from positive interest from fans looking to bet on hockey.  The team’s most recent home loss April 3rd to the New York Rangers was yet more evidence that that the Florida Panthers have plenty of work to do on an off the ice.

The Panthers’ Bank United Center was half full as usual the fans that did attend were overwhelmingly in favor of the Rangers.  Home ice has hardly been an advantage in the hockey betting for the Panthers this year and when the New York and Boston teams come to play in NHL wagering matchups, the Cats can almost certainly expect to play in front of hostile NHL betting crowds as the stadium fills with Northeast transplants that also happen to be rabid hockey betting fans.

The Rangers (36-33-10) had already won this hockey wagering match up before the game even started.  The Panthers season has been over for weeks now as they started trading and talent they had right after the Olympic betting in order to rebuild for next NHL betting season.

The Panthers (31-36-12) loss was just the most recent of many this season as the team has not been a very safe hockey bet.  The team’s recent elimination from the NHL playoff betting race was simply confirmation of the inevitable and this game sort of like watching a slow, painful hockey wagering death.

Florida actually jumped out to an early lead in the hockey betting action with a 1st period goal with 6:44 minutes remaining.  But it was all downhill from there as New York’s Henrik Lundqvist added a tying goal in the third and the Rangers than went on to seal the deal by adding three more goals to close the game.

The Rangers dominated the third period and anyone that made a hockey bet on the Panthers lost their money …again.