NHL Preseason Odds at SBG Global

NHL preseason odds will always be low on the priority list of sportsbooks, simply for the fact that the NHL is just not as popular as other sports. That is not necessarily bad news for you though as you wager against the NHL betting odds. NHL preseason odds are based on money lines. You only need to win the game to collect versus NHL preseason betting odds. Here is an NHL odds example:

New York Islanders +145 5.5 under -130
New York Rangers -165

This NHL odds example is similar to what you will see in baseball. All you need is your team to win, no point spread or goals involved as you bet the NHL odds. If you like the Islanders in NHL betting odds you are getting back 1.45 for ever $1 wagered. If you like the Rangers in NHL odds you are risking 1.65 to win $1. You can bet any amount within the limits based on these equivalents. If the sportsbook you use offers totals then they are always based on money lines. In this example if you liked the under you would risk $130 to win $100 or 1.3 to win 1. If you liked the over you would be getting $110 for every $100 wagered or 1.1-1.

NHL odds are easy enough to understand and they are also easy to bet. You can handicap NHL preseason odds just as you do other sports. You can look at home and away statistics, goalie matchups, head to head matchups, and overall streaks when examining NHL betting odds.

Very often with NHL preseason odds you may be able to spot some nice plays because NHL odds makers are not nearly as concerned with hockey because it is not a high volume sport.

Keep in mind that NHL odds are similar to other sports like baseball, football or basketball in terms of the preseason. Star players and veterans don’t always play very many minutes and backups and young players get a lot of time during the preseason games. That is why information is important as you look at NHL odds.