NHL Playoffs Betting is on the rise at SBG Global

NHL playoffs betting has been growing in popularity quiet steadily over the past few years. For years many sports betting fans might have looked upon NHL betting and especially NHL betting as the domain of Canadians or cold weather fans from the northeast border region of the U.S. But no longer is that true as the appeal of the NHL has spread to all corners of the U.S. in recent years through team expansion and now NHL betting is popular throughout the U.S.

Hockey betting is an incredibly exciting form of sports betting and so it’s actually little surprise that it has been so popular with sports fans over the past few years. The fast pace of the game the frenzy of the action, all of these elements and more have contributed to making NHL betting and especially NHL betting one of the cant miss sports betting opportunities around. But there are two factors in particular which have likely helped push NHL playoffs betting into the top echelon of sports betting events: the spread of expansion teams and the decline of the NBA playoffs.

Anyone even remotely familiar with NHL betting knows that hockey is no longer a cold weather sport and you don’t need to live in the Artic belt to have a hometown team in the NHL betting to support. The NHL has been one of the most aggressive pro sports leagues in terms of expansion over the past decade and the dividend for such a strategy has been renewed interest in NHL playoffs betting. Once off-limits areas like Southern California, the US South and even Florida are now home to NHL playoffs betting franchises -Florida alone has two franchises now and both have had ultimate success in NHL playoffs betting, winning the Stanley Cup.

But just as important to NHL playoffs betting rise in popularity is the increasingly shoddy product that that NBA post season has become. The competition in the NBA, until very recently has in no way compared to what NHL playoffs betting has had to offer and that is a very big reason why more and more people seem to be tuning into NHL playoffs betting.