NHL Odds Off the Radar

NHL odds are an afterthought and something that are rarely considered by many gamblers. That doesn’t mean you can make money versus the NHL betting odds though. Hockey is action-packed, exciting and can be a profitable venture for those wagering against the NHL lines.

NHL odds are money lines, in which gamblers either lay money with the favorite or take money with the dog. You can also have over/under action along with parlays, futures NHL betting odds on the Stanley Cup, a team’s total points in the regular season, etc. One of the first things that those who bet NHL will notice is that the lines are not heavily followed by most gamblers.  Hockey goes under the radar at the sportsbook and probably always will. Since there is not a lot of public influence on hockey, the NHL are often more pure than in the other sports such as pro football, which is the most popular game.

Over/unders or totals as they are known as are a favorite amongst sharps that bet NHL . One of the big adjustments that hockey bettors had to make was the increase in scoring.  Another adjustment that gamblers had to make was that games no longer end in ties.  No longer can gamblers take the underdog in NHL and get the plus half goal victory with a tie.  Underdogs are a risky proposition versus the NHL betting odds since favorites are usually a solid bet if the game goes to a shootout.

The Stanley Cup playoffs will draw more action for those who bet NHL but they still go under the radar. Gamblers that bet on hockey during the playoffs will oftentimes stay with the more well known teams and the favored teams in NHL betting odds.  That doesn’t mean the favored teams always win versus the NHL odds because they do not.  You just have to pick your spots when betting underdogs in NHL.

NHL odds are not the priority for sportsbooks but that doesn’t matter to gamblers and it shouldn’t matter to you.  When you win a bet you get paid the same whether it is a win versus NFL odds or NHL lines.  The money is still the same and that is why the NHL can be a great bet even if it is off the radar just at little bit at online sportsbooks.