NHL Betting: Which Wager Should You Use at SBG Global?

NHL betting fans have the opportunity to choose from among three primary types of odds for each NHL betting matchup: puck line odds, money line odds, and total odds. Each one of these methods offers unique advantages that make them especially appropriate for certain matchups. Therefore, NHL betting enthusiasts should be familiar will all three wager types so that they can find the best value in each game’s hockey betting odds.

NHL betting on the puck line involves wagering on a 1½ point spread that is applied to each matchup. The favored team, therefore, must win by two or more points while the underdog must either win, or lose by fewer than two points.

Because 1½ points is a lot to give in an NHL betting matchup, the prices for these hockey betting odds can vary tremendously. For instance, prices greater than -200 or payoffs greater than +200 are quite common with the puck line. Therefore, NHL betting fans must handicap matchups carefully to ensure that the different puck line prices make a wager worthwhile.

Betting on the money line is somewhat simpler as it simply involves wagering on which team will win an Hockey betting matchup. In other words, you do not have to concern yourself with any sort of point spread; the outright winner is all that matters.

Some prefer such hockey betting odds for their simplicity, as predicting outright winners is seen by some as easier than predicting how much a team will win by. Nevertheless, with money lines NHL betting fans must similarly analyze the prices associated with each team to determine where the best value lies. In some instances, betting on the underdog will make the most sense despite a relatively low likelihood that the team will actually win its matchup.

Betting on totals is also quite popular and the concept is similar to wagering on totals in other sports. As you handicap over/under hockey betting odds you should be unconcerned with which team wins or loses a game, as the only item that matters is the total number of goals scored in an NHL betting matchup. Consequently, you still must handicap each side to predict the success that each offense will have against its opposing defense, but you will not have to concern yourself with determining which offense will score more.

Many NHL betting fans overlook the totals lines and focus on the puck lines and money lines, but there is no question that some of the best NHL betting value can sometimes be had by wagering on totals.

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