NHL Betting Online – Leafs Loaf Along

There are few NHL betting online commodities more overrated than the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are the ultimate wannabe powerhouse in pro hockey.

Obnoxious Sense of Entitlement
There are few teams and fan bases with a more obnoxious and overinflated sense of importance than the Toronto Maple Leafs.  For a franchise that hasn’t come close to winning a Stanley Cup since their 1967 title the culture is one that puts outsiders off as it is sold as the second coming of the New York Yankees.  It is rare that so much has been made over a franchise that has accomplished so little but that is the case of Toronto, where their condescending fans continue to expect Stanley Cups and be played for fools by a management team that is focused only on the bottom line.

Red Ink for Gamblers
Not only are their mind numbed kool aid drinking fans blowing money on a losing product each year, handicappers foolish enough to bet on the Leafs, have also been burned badly through the years.  Last year Toronto posted a NHL betting record of 30-38-10-4 to rank as one of the biggest money losers on the board.  The Leafs were pathetic on both ends of the ice as they ranked 26th in scoring and 29th in goals against.

A Daunting Task
General Manager and President Brian Burke is one of the few credible items that Leaf fans can cling too.  Burke was the mastermind of the 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks and knows how to build a winner from scratch.  Handicappers at Sbg global.com consider Burke a top shelf executive that will make the Leafs tougher and more physical this year.  Burke went out and acquired Kris Versteeg from Chicago and signed free agents Colby Armstrong and Mike Brown to bulk up his soft squad.

Brown is a brawler from Anaheim that is the type of player that Burke loves.  He will give Toronto a much needed rough house presence that will hopefully spark teammates to crash the corners more.

Phaneuf Factor
Dion Phaneuf was disgusted with his team mate’s softness last year and demanded that Burke make the Leafs more like the Ducks.  Toronto has long had the NHL betting online reputation for being the softest team in the league but Phaneuf is changing that perception and will hit teammates in practice. Toronto’s forward lineup remains a NHL betting liability and until scoring production improves they are a bad bet.