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NHL betting on futures tends to focus on which team will win the Stanley Cup. This type of online NHL is particularly entertaining because it generates excitement throughout the entire season. However, before engaging in NHL on futures there are several important questions one needs to answer, such as whether to bet on last year’s top teams, how many futures bets to place, and when to place your futures.

NHL enthusiasts who place futures wagers early in the season often place their wagers on the top one or two teams from the previous season. This strategy makes sense in many ways, as it is such teams that likely have the best chance of returning to the Stanley Cup and hoisting the trophy. Nevertheless, the drawback of NHL betting on the top teams is that their payoff odds are relatively low.

For instance, as the 2008-09 NHL season kicked off the Red Wings were the clear favorite to win the Cup and their payoff odds hovered around +300. NHL betting fans who believe the Wings have a good shot to win the Cup again may decide that such odds actually offer an excellent deal.

But NHL betting fans should not automatically wager on such teams, as better online Hockey value can sometimes be found with teams facing lower expectations. With such teams the payoff odds can be over +1000, meaning the probability of winning is somewhat small, but a successful wager will pay off extremely well.

When NHL enthusiasts bet on futures they also often bet on more than one team. This online NHL betting strategy makes the most sense if you are not wagering on the most highly favored teams. For example, if you choose three teams with NHL betting odds ranging between +1000 and +2000 then your net total will still be very high if one of the teams goes on to win the Stanley Cup. In fact, all you will really need is one team to reach the Stanley Cup and then you can guarantee winnings by hedging.

When placing their futures, fans also must consider the time of year that offers the best value. Naturally, online NHL betting fans that place their futures very early in the year can sometimes enjoy the best odds, but they are forced to deal with many unknowns.

By waiting until much of the NHL betting season has already been played one obviously has a better understanding of each team’s potential, but the futures odds will have been adjusted accordingly. Consequently, there is no specific time that works best for all NHL betting fans, and bettors should simply wait for the moment when the odds seem to present worthwhile value, whether that be before the season begins or once the season is ending.

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