NHL Betting on Boston at Montreal at SBG Global

NHL betting fans have been more than pleasantly surprised with the play on the Boston Bruins this season (unless you’re a New York fan) Simply put the Bruins have been the most dominant team in NHL thus far and anyone that has bet on NHL games in favor of the Bruins have likely been handsomely compensated for their troubles. Heading into the All Star break the Bruins have an 11 point lead over the Canadiens in the NHL standings, but with a divisional title up for grabs you can be sure Montreal will be no push over in this epic NHL match up.

NHL experts could not have predicted the success of the Bruins heading into the bet on NHL season. The Bruins lead NHL in goals allowed are second in goals scored and until very recently had the best record. Heading into the All-Star break the team trails the Sharks by one point and is regarded by most NHL fans as the best team in the league during the first half of the season.

Led by Phil Kessel and Marc Sevard this offense has all of sudden become one of the most explosive in NHL . The question is whether or not this attack can be sustained through the second half of the bet on NHL season as well.  But even if it drops off, the Bruins will be in fine shape as its lock down defense has been the foundation of its NHL  success.

Montreal will be looking to impede that very same NHL betting success if it is to have any chance of winning the division.  And that is not all that crazy of a scenario not matter how well the Bruins may be playing against the NHL betting competition.  With four starters in the up coming All Star game the Canadiens obviously have the talent to run with any team in NHL .

It’s simply a matter of this team putting it all together on nightly basis and if that happens, as has been the case of late, this team will be a bet on NHL nightmare for its opponents.

In fact, despite the Bruins getting back four of their core players from injuries (after the NHL betting All Star break), Montreal should win this game and send a message to Boston.  With the home ice advantage and a desperate need to cut the Bruins divisional NHL betting lead to single digit points, Montreal should take this monster of a game.

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