NHL Betting in 2008-09 at SBG Global

NHL betting fans know that it is often very difficult for teams to win consecutive Stanley Cups, but many NHL  analysts believe the Red Wings have an excellent opportunity to do just that in 2008-09.

The early season hockey betting odds certainly indicate that this scenario is very possible, and many NHL fans have likely already wagered on the Wings to hoist the trophy in 2009. Furthermore, Detroit’s roster looks as strong as ever before, and the addition of coveted forward Marian Hossa only adds to the team’s firepower.

NHL futures have established the Red Wings as the huge favorite to win the Stanley Cup in 2009. The hockey  odds at the beginning of the season were about +300, which reflects a high level of confidence in the Red Wings. In fact, only a few other teams even had NHL futures that paid off at less than +1000.

Despite the relatively low payoff for the Red Wings, there is no question that many Hockey enthusiasts have happily placed a Red Wings future already. No NHL analyst doubts that the team will glide into the playoffs, and there are few teams that one can envision knocking off the Red Wings in a seven game series.

One advantage Detroit has, which NHL fans must recognize, is that virtually all of its top players are returning from last year. Goaltender Dominik Hasek has retired, but Chris Osgood has already established himself as one of the NHL’s elite goalies. Moreover, the Red Wings acquired Hossa in free agency, in a move that will make the team even more formidable. With so much talent, there is little question that the hockey betting odds will favor the Red Wings heavily in many of their NHL betting matchups.

Consequently, the hockey betting odds may sometimes be set so high that NHL on Detroit actually provides little value. Also, the Red Wings are undoubtedly the team to beat right now in the NHL and every team will be looking to play its best hockey against Detroit. If Red Wings players start to underestimate teams and play lazy hockey then anything can happen, but this disciplined team will not likely make such mistakes. In other words, NHL betting fans should continue viewing the Red Wings as the NHL’s top team until results prove otherwise.

NHL betting veterans know that seeming like the best team early in the season means nothing once the playoffs begin, but the Red Wings certainly appear to have a better shot than any other team to hoist the Cup in 2009.

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