How are the NHL Playoffs going so far?

November 7th, 2019 NHL Hockey

The first round of the race for the Stanley cup is underway and NHL betting is intensifying as the action progresses. So far the series are far from over and while some teams might have gotten an interesting advantage, the lady has not even cleared her throat yet on any of the series. Let’s take a look on how the series are going and what can you expect to happen in the remainder of each of them.

Stars (2) vs Wild (0)

The Dallas Stars started off their series taking a two game lead before having the series move to Minnesota. The Dallas star will not have center Tyler Seguin for game 3 as he came down with an Achilles injury.  His injury, while not critical, will definitely have some impact on the Stars as they have him as a very important piece to their Stanley Cup hopes. The Stars are the -1½ favorites in NHL betting to win this game. Dallas will move on to the next round in 5 games.

Blues (2) vs Blackhawks (1)

It seems that the Stanley Cup hangover is still active. The defending champs Chicago Blackhawks have their backs against the wall and they need a win to move on. After tying the series, the defending Stanley Cup champs lost at home 3-2 in a hard fought game. The St. Louis Blues are now with the lead and hoping to get rid of the heavy favorite Blackhawks. This is the type of series that fans betting on hockey enjoy. St, Louis will take it in 6 games.

Ducks (0) vs Predators (2)

At the beginning of the series, we had predicted the Ducks were going to move on to the next round. As it turns out, the Nashville Predators do not have the same plans and they have obliterated the home ice advantage from the Ducks. A very physical series so far, and with the action moving on to Nashville the Preds are the -1½  NHL Betting favorites to put the series 3-0 and with a great chance of sweeping. It will take at least 5 games but the Predators are moving on.

Kings (0) vs Sharks (2)

Oh sweet, sweet revenge… with two great wins at L.A. the San Jose Sharks are very close of getting some retribution after years of frustration at the hands of the Kings. Fans betting on hockey will remember that we predicted this series would go on to 7 games with the Sharks upsetting the Kings. Well, it seems that it might be less than that. Sharks in 6 games.

Capitals (2) vs Flyers (0)

There is not much to it here, the sweep is coming. The flyers will try to rally in game 3 and 4, but with their level of play and how the Capitals goalie is playing… this one is over. Capitals in 4.

Penguins (1) vs Rangers (1)

This series is heating up and it might be the best thing to watch for in NHL betting. When the Penguins took game 1 emphatically, many wondered if the Rangers could still have a response. The Rangers 4-2 win leveled the play, and game three is going to be a nail-bitter. Penguins are the -1½ favorites at SBG Global, your best sportsbook to bet on NHL hockey.

Panthers (1) vs Islanders (2)

Do not count out the Panthers, the Islanders might be in the lead right now, but the Panthers are a tough team that can still take a tap on the chin. The Islanders seek their first playoffs series win since 93, and they have a good look coming into game 4, but the Panthers will not go down easily. The Islanders however will be able to beat them in six games, but it will be gritty and physical.

Lightning (2) vs Red Wings (1)

The Red Wings woke up in game 3 and it was just on time. After leaving many questions during the first 2 games, Detroit brought a much better game to the ice on game three and took a game home, and look to tie the series at game 4. The Red wings are the NHL betting favorites for that game at -1½, they will push through to make this a seven game series, however they will not be able to take a game at Tampa Bay to make it through.

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