NHL Betting and Money Management at SBG Global

NHL betting fans often believe that good handicapping is all they need to enjoy a successful online NHL betting season, but the reality is that money management is just as important.

The season is quite long and it is important to carefully maintain one’s bankroll so that it can withstand any streak of bad luck. One common online NHL betting money management strategy involves wagering a similar amount on each NHL betting matchup.

NHL betting fans enjoy a regular season in which each team plays in 82 matchups. Online NHL betting enthusiasts also wager on the postseason and frequently place futures wagers as well. Different NHL betting fans choose to place different amounts of wagers each day, but the fact remains that all enthusiasts should assume they will place a large quantity of wagers during any NHL betting season. With so many wagers it is unavoidable that fans will experience both hot streaks and cold streaks during the season.

A good money management plan is necessary if you want to take advantage of your hot streaks and protect yourself during your cold streaks.

Also, a money management strategy should accommodate the type of wagering approach you choose to take. In other words, whether you like to wager on every NHL betting matchup of the year or just a few NHL betting matchups every week, the correct money management plan will help you maximize your betting potential.

One common money management plan that NHL betting fans use involves wagering nearly the same amount on every matchup. This way, you will avoid common mistakes, such as chasing losses, which can damage your bankroll. The number of matchups you wager on in a typical week should influence your typical wagering amount, but for most NHL betting fans this amount will be around 3% of your total bankroll. In other words, if you have a $750 bankroll for the season then this strategy would stipulate wagering about $20 or $25 per game.

NHL betting that involves amounts that are higher or lower than your normal amount should be determined solely by the confidence you have in your handicapping of the online NHL betting lines. For instance, if you really like one matchup then it is acceptable to wager slightly more than your normal amount. Also, some fans implement a unit betting system in which different units correspond to different wager amounts and the unit size is determined by one’s confidence in the NHL betting odds. This money management strategy is slightly more complex but it is useful for bettors who want to maintain more flexibility in their wagers amounts.

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