NHL Betting 2016 Odds: Playoff Action Underway

November 7th, 2019 NHL Hockey

If you’re a fan who is into NHL betting, you know the 2015-16 Regular NHL Season ended this past weekend and the playoffs began this Wednesday April 13th 2016. The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs have four rounds with the best of seven series, and the 5-7th game will be played if required.

There are 16 teams in these playoffs and all are capable of winning the Cup, and yes according to the hockey betting odds some have a better chance than others.

The favorites at +400 are the Washington Capitals who took the President’s Trophy and who are seeking their 1st Stanley Cup in the history of the franchise.

Their A. Ovechkin had league high 50 goals this season as the team recorded a 56-18 season. Yes, they’re a team with a history of failing in the playoffs, and were coasting in the ultimate month of their regular season, and to succeed they need to return to their early NHL betting season form.

Another favorite are the Chicago Blackhawks 47-26, a team that struggled to finish the season at 9 and 11, their odds are as a contender at +650 as t hey seek their 4th Stanley Cup in the ultimate 7 seasons.

However, they face the face the St. Louis Blues with odds at -120 and are favored in that 1st round, so they need their stars to step up.

Then we have the 48-28 Los Angeles Kings whose odds are at +700 as they seek their 3rd Title in the ultimate 5 seasons. Their success has come from their defense and it still is their tool for winning as this season their GAA was 2.35 for the season, and that ranked 3rd in the NHL betting this season.  Their defense is led by their goalie J. Quick one of the best in the NHL, and he is assisted on the blue line by D. Doughty a top defensive player.

Next we have the Sleeper team in the 46-30 San Jose Sharks with odds of +1,800 and they are always considered a team of the devils, and a team one cannot relax while playing them. Their 1st round game is against the Kings, a team who beat them in 2014.  They are a team that played incredible in their road games, with a 28-10-3 on the road which was 1st in the NFL this 2015-16 seasons.

Finally we have long shot in the 41-30 Detroit Red Wings who believe it or not, are entering their 25th consecutive year in the playoffs. In the 1st round they are teamed up against the Lightning who is struggling with key player injuries, while in the 2nd they would face either the New York Islanders or the Florida Panthers and neither of those two teams is considered to be NHL powerhouses this season. The odds on the Red Wings are +3,000, and if their luck at bracket selection is significant, then they should be considered as have a shot at a Title run in these Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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