NHL 20 Betting Lines Offers Lifeline Gamblers Missing Playoff Action

NHL 20 Betting Lines Offers Lifeline Gamblers Missing Playoff Action

May 6th, 2020 NHL Hockey, Online Betting

This is the time of year when hockey normally shines. Specifically, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are considered the best postseason in pro sports. Even non-hockey fans that ignore the regular season take notice of NHL playoff action. Correlate the combination of unmatched speed, intensity, and drama. The significant gambling handle of the Stanley Cup Playoffs became “a thing.” COVID-19 has shelved the glory, at least for now. However, sports sims offer a viable alternative. Fans are wagering on the NHL 20 betting lines. Let’s examine why that is and how it works.

What is EA Sports NHL 20?

EA Sports NHL 20 is the most popular hockey video game on the market. In fact, that has been the case for nearly three decades running. Adding credibility is that EA Sports designed Madden NFL 20 and MLB the Show 20. Consider that those products are also used for online betting matchups at sportsbooks. What it all means is that EA Sports knows what it is doing when it comes to developing great sports sims.

NHL 20 is world-renowned for its brilliant graphics and sounds. It follows that gamblers feel as if they are watching real hockey games. Whenever you wager on NHL 20 games at online sportsbooks you can watch the game in its entirety. EA Sports designers did so well that it’s become a draw in and of itself.

What Makes NHL 20 so Realistic?

On the whole, a sports sim will only draw betting action if it’s believably realistic. EA Sports NHL 20 fits that bill like no other sports sim. At the beginning of the process is an intricate rating system that leaves nothing to chance. Teams and players are scored in every conceivable category. In short, gamblers expect the Boston Bruins to be dominant and Detroit Red Wings to consistently lose. These hockey handicappers expect a real-life look to the NHL 20 Betting lines. EA Sports delivers like nothing else possible for that category.

Players such as superstars Connor McDavid and Alex Ovechkin are seen to dominate. McDavid shows as one of the most complete players in NHL 20. While Ovechkin’s shot from left-wing on the power play is as lethal as real life. A combination of hard statistical data along with subjective ratings from experts goes into the ratings. Every single NHL player is put through the wringer. In turn, a player is rated in 25 different categories. Goaltenders are scored in 19 different categories. Consequently, you get a game that is as real as real-life can be.

Additionally, teams are fully rated for power plays, penalty killing, and even strength ability. After that comes computer coaches that will make decisions based on real-life play. Toronto will be more freewheeling which leaves its defensive zone vulnerable. Boston and Tampa Bay will impress all as complete and deep teams. Ottawa and Detroit will consistently be large underdogs. The ice time of individual players and line matchups will be very similar to real life.

Betting NHL 20 Games

Encompassing the popularity of EA Sports NHL 20 are frequently updated odds each day at SBG Global. Owing to that are exhibition, regular season, and playoff series games. Check back frequently and use your handicapping notebook from the actual NHL. It will be quite pertinent to betting NHL 20!

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