Looking for Value as You Bet on Hockey

Bet on hockey and you will notice a money line, not a pointspread. This means that value is important as you consider the hockey betting lines.

It is hard to always take favorites and win since they can get expensive so you need to find value as you bet on hockey.

Bet on hockey value can be a tough nut to crack sometimes.  Road teams can’t get ties anymore so they have to win outright for you to win your hockey betting wager. The problem you have in taking the home team though is that the prices have gotten very high as you bet on hockey. You see 2-1 favorites all the time. It takes a high winning percentage to overcome a loss when you are laying 2-1 in hockey betting.  You must win 2 out of every 3 games at -200 just to break even and that is not easy to do in any sport.

You can still bet road teams as you bet on hockey but they are no guarantee. You can still find some value on road teams but you have to pick and choose your spots as you bet on hockey. You may want to look for teams that have great success on the road. San Jose has fit that definition for a few bet on hockey seasons.

Another way to look for value as you bet on hockey is to take a team on a winning streak or go against a team on a losing streak. Remember that money lines are in effect so if a team continues to win or lose there is no pointspread or ties to offset the streak.

Take a look at different choices in hockey betting as you try and find value.  You can still handicap the games the same as you bet on hockey.  Statistics, trends, matchups, and the schedule are all important.  Statistics that you start with are goals for and goals against.  Those can be broken down further and include head-to-head matchups.  Two teams might play high scoring games while two other teams might play physical low scoring games.  Also remember that injuries can be a factor as you bet on hockey. If a couple of key players are missing it is difficult for teams to overcome the loss of their top players. Keep that in mind as you bet on hockey and look for value.