Hockey Betting: Montreal vs. Vancouver at SBG Global

Hockey betting season is a long and grueling process for fans that bet on hockey but it’s even harder on the hockey teams.

In the NHL where teams are spread across two continents there is endless travel involved in a hockey betting season. The Montreal Canadiens are getting a taste of the vagabond lifestyle in February which features a show down with the Canucks in Vancouver.

On paper hockey betting fans could be forgiven for favoring the Canadiens based on their respective hockey betting records (Vancouver 54 points; Montreal 64 points). But if you’re going bet on hockey for this match up you should dig a bit deeper in your hockey betting stats. Montreal, so far this season has been the superior team, but when you factor in all the other elements of this Feb 15 match up a bet on hockey on Montreal might not be the safest hockey betting move.

Fact: Montreal will be playing its fourth straight hockey betting match up on the road in seven days. It doesn’t matter how good a team is, it’s tough to travel that much and play in that many games and be able to perform at a high level during bet on hockey contests.

And it’s not as if the Canucks are a dormant club either. In fact, the Canucks are locked in a bitter struggle for the eight seed in the hockey betting playoff race and will be highly motivated to get the win in front of the home crowd. The team has a very balanced offense that has put up its fair share of points during the hockey betting season, averaging just shy of three goals per game. The Sedin brothers are tough duo to stop and make any bet on hockey game an adventure for opponents.

The Canucks also have arguably the best goalie in hockey betting and even though the defense is porous, Luongo can win a game by himself. And he may have to consider that Montreal has one of the best scoring lineups in the NHL with four All Star starters on the roster. The first shift on this team is as good as any in hockey betting.

Still, no matter how good a team is, road fatigue plays a huge factor in the NHL hockey betting. Vancouver will be fresh, have home ice and will be motivated by the urgency of claiming a hockey betting playoff spot.
If you’re going to bet on hockey in this match up look for the Canucks in a mild upset.

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