Hockey Betting Finals loaded with stars at SBG Global

Hockey Betting Finals fans have been waiting for the playoffs all season long.

And now that the NHL post season is well underway, hockey finals odds makers are scrambling to predict which teams will represent their respective conferences in the NHL hockey betting finals. While the teams to be featured in the hockey betting finals remains a mystery, there is a very good chance that the hockey finals odds will include several of the league’s biggest stars.

Hockey finals fans can’t help but feel a bit let down after last year’s last luster Stanley Cup Finals which featured a lot of defense, not a lot of offense and no real star power. However, this year the tables have turned and hockey betting finals fans are expecting to see plenty of star power in the hockey finals odds. In the east right two of the game’s biggest stars are carrying their teams towards possible hockey betting finals births.

Sydney Crosby has been electrifying since entering the NHL and after a valiant run at the hockey betting finals last season he’s ready to book a spot in the hockey finals odds this year. After missing much of the second half of the season with injuries he has re-emerged in the playoffs as a force and the Penguins look to have as good a shot at the hockey betting finals as any team.

In Washington the record breaking scoring machine, Andrei Ovechkin is also doing whatever he can to ensure that the Caps book a spot in the hockey finals odds. Locked in a vicious first round battle with the Flyers, it looks to be a tough road to the hockey betting finals for the Russians and hockey finals odds makers aren’t’ so sure the Caps can do it.

Regardless if either of Crosby or Ovechkin are featured in the hockey betting finals or not this year’s Stanley Cup Finals should be fantastic. With competition parity at an all time high in the regular season race to the hockey betting finals this season it’s anybody’s guess as to who will hoist the trophy.

But one thing is certain, there will be plenty of excitement and plenty of big stars on the road to the 2008 hockey betting finals.