Hockey Betting: Beware of Overpriced Teams at SBG Global

Hockey betting involves a constant challenge to determine which teams can exceed the expectations established in the online hockey betting odds.

Often times, these expectations are based on teams’ performances in the previous season, but the NHL experiences lots of annual changes so it is unwise to assume any one hockey betting season will be a repeat of the previous season. Therefore, one of the most effective betting strategies involves using this knowledge to identify and wager against teams that are overrated and overpriced in the hockey betting odds.

Hockey betting enthusiasts often incorrectly believe that the best teams of one season will return to be the best teams of the following season. As a result of these expectations, teams that advanced deep into the playoffs one year are often established as favored teams in the online hockey betting odds the next year.

However, the reality is that many teams fail to enjoy consistent success between one online hockey betting season and the next, so it is unwise to assume the conference finalists one season will repeat their success in the subsequent hockey betting season. For instance, in the 2006-07 season the Senators beat the Ducks in the Stanley Cup, and these teams defeated the Red Wings and Sabres in the conference finals.

Many hockey betting analysts assumed that these same four teams would be some of the top squads in 2007-08 and likely all be strong Stanley Cup contenders once again. The Red Wings did, in fact, return to win the Stanley Cup in 2007-08, but the other three teams had far less success: the Ducks and Senators were both bounced in the first round of the playoffs while the Sabres failed to even reach the postseason.

The parity between teams in the NHL essentially guarantees that there will be many changes from year to year, and this feature of the league is part of what makes NHL hockey betting so exciting. Hockey betting fans who fail to foresee such changes will find themselves wagering on teams that are in decline and provide very limited betting value. However, by figuring out which teams are overrated and overpriced one can actually enjoy hockey betting success by simply wagering against such teams. This hockey betting strategy will likely involve lots of online hockey betting on underdogs, meaning bettors will undoubtedly deal with numerous losses. However, hockey betting on underdogs can payoff in the end due to the high payoff odds that one will receive with each successful wager.

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