Flyers looking to book spot in Stanley Cup Betting finals at SBG Global

With just eight team’s hockey betting finals dreams still alive, there is a variety of combinations in which we could see the various teams still alive appear in the Stanley Cup betting finals.

Stanley Cup betting finals fans have much to look forward to.But one of the teams that seems as though they have a lock on the Stanley Cup betting finals this year is the Philadelphia Flyers.

Stanley Cup betting finals fans have waited a long time since the Flyers last hoisted the big cup. In fact, it’s been quite a long time indeed, so long that many Stanley Cup betting finals think it’s about time that the team returned to the hockey betting finals. Whether Philly can make it out of the playoffs in to the Stanley Cup betting finals remains a mystery but there is certainly a very good chance of it. The team’s march toward the Stanley Cup betting finals so far has been impressive and it if can just win six more games it will be one of two teams to square off in the hockey betting finals this year.

The Flyers got off to a great start in their quest for a Stanley Cup betting finals birth by thrashing the much higher seeded Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs. It was no easy battle but the Flyers out-lasted the Caps and keep their Stanley Cup betting hopes in order. The team more or less muted scoring machine Andrei Ovechkin and his Caps teammates failed to respond their hockey betting finals hopes collapsed.

Philly’s run has continued so far in the second round of the playoffs as they’ve jumped out to an impressive 2-0 lead against the top seed Montreal Canadians. If the Flyers could some how hang on the lead in this series and win two games at home, the birth in the Stanley Cup finals would be just four victories away. That’s an impressive feat for a six seed and sends a clear signal to any other teams with Stanley Cup betting designs of their own that the Flyers have their sights set on the hockey betting finals.