Choices When You Bet on Hockey

Bet on hockey choices give you some interesting things to consider on a nightly basis. Hockey betting is similar to other sports as you have a side and a total but there are some differences in the way you handicap the games.

Bet on hockey can involve looking at the schedule. Hockey betting is similar to basketball betting because the teams play schedules during the same time of the year. As you begin to bet on hockey and look at your choices you want to make sure and look at the situation each team is in.  Look at the head to head matchups as you get ready for hockey betting. 

Some teams just have trouble with other teams.  Also remember that the schedule plays a part in wins and losses as you bet on hockey. Just like the NBA, it is difficult to play back-to-back nights in the NHL.  Hockey is a very physical sport and two games in a row are never easy.  Some people look strictly at the situation and how tired a team is when they bet on hockey.  Teams on long road trips can be good teams to go against as you bet on hockey.

Don’t forget in hockey betting that you can still bet the total.  Hockey games are exciting and totals are a great way to bet on hockey. Usually most totals are right around the number 5.5.  The NHL has undergone a change in the last decade with hockey totals.  You can go back 30 years and you would always have high totals but then in the 1990’s and early 2000’s the totals were low.  Now you see totals in the range of 5.5 to 6.

Another choice for you when you bet on hockey is the playoffs.  There are some great choices when you bet on hockey playoffs. After a team has lost the first game of a series they are usually a decent bet in the second game. This is just like the NBA playoff series where you go with the team that lost the first game. Another choice you get when the playoffs start is to bet on hockey series prices. For example, let’s say Chicago is playing Dallas in a seven game series.  Before the games begin you will see a price on who will win the series.  Chicago might be -180 while Dallas is +150.  This type of bet keeps you interested each and every game since you are betting on the outcome of the entire series instead of an individual game.  It is something to consider if you bet on hockey playoff action.