Bet on Hockey Vancouver at Phoenix at SBG Global

Bet on hockey fans are in for a treat as the Vancouver Canucks head south to take on the Wayne Gretsky-helmed Phoenix Coyotes.

Neither team is going to run away with the Stanley Cup but with Vancouver jostling for better bet on hockey playoff positioning and the Coyotes playing for nothing but pride, this should be easy money for anyone that likes to bet on hockey. The Canucks should be able to dominate this hockey betting showdown and maybe even have time to work on their tan while they’re in the desert.

Bet on hockey odds makers don’t have to invest a lot of time handicapping this one. Phoenix is one of the worst teams to bet on hockey with just 62 points so far in the NHL hockey betting season, second worst in the Western Conference. The Canucks on the other hand are thoroughly in the playoff hunt and currently hold the five seed in the West. With just hand full of games left in the bet on hockey NHL regular season and trailing division leading Calgary by just eight points Vancouver is still very hungry and eager to try and capture the hockey betting division title.

The Canucks attack is built around the Sedin brothers who have come alive this season to combine for 37 goals and 86 assists. And while the offense is more capable it’s the defense that has really helped the Canucks rack up the fifth best bet on hockey record in the division. The team has allowed just 181 points so far and it’s unlikely that the hapless Coyotes will have much luck against this group in the upcoming face off.   

Phoenix has managed just 166 goals all NHL season, the worst in all of hockey. Shane Doan has been serviceable with 25 goals and 31 assists but he’s the only thing close to resembling an offensive weapon on this bet on hockey disaster. Combine the team’s sorry offense with a hapless defense that’s given up 205 goals and the bet on hockey odds are heavily in Vancouver’s favor.

If you’re going to bet on hockey this would he a good game to roll the dice on. The Canucks are in a position where every win counts and are a very good team. For the Coyotes, there is actually incentive to lose their remaining games, when the bet on hockey draft positions are taken into account, and it’s hard to imagine a hockey betting outcome where the Canucks didn’t win.

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