Bet on Hockey Teams that Prosper at Home or on the Road at SBG Global

To bet on hockey, much like other sports, one must always pay close attention to which team is playing at home and on the road in each matchup.

When you place a hockey bet there should be little doubt that teams playing at home enjoy a significant advantage. Nevertheless, in addition to recognizing this advantage as you bet on hockey you should also pay attention to the teams that prove they are especially capable of playing well on the road.

A bet on hockey that does not consider the advantages enjoyed by the home team will likely be an unwise hockey bet. Veterans who have bet on hockey for many years know that every team enjoys a notable advantage when playing at home. Players are familiar with the rink, they have supportive fans cheering them on, and they do not have to deal with traveling to another city. Oftentimes younger players benefit most from playing at home, so the age of each roster is worth considering as you bet on hockey. If you bet on hockey from the beginning of the season you will probably find that by mid-season certain teams emerge as being particularly successful at home, and this fact should be taken into account when you bet on hockey. One simply needs to look back to the 2007-08 season to find numerous teams that provided great value for a hockey bet when playing at home, but minimal value for a hockey bet when playing on the road. For instance, the Ducks, Hurricanes, and Avalanche had a 28-9, 24-13, and 27-12 home records respectively, but 19-18 was the best road record enjoyed by any of the teams.

Although every team tends to play better at home, as you bet on hockey each year you should keep an eye out for which teams are skilled at succeeding on the road. When you bet on hockey supporting these teams you can often find tremendous value simply because home teams receive such an advantage in the NHL odds. Once again, if you bet on hockey from the beginning of the season then by mid-season you can often determine which teams should be heavily considered when they are playing on the road. In the 2007-08 season, for example, both the Coyotes and the Sharks actually had more success on the road than at home. Any gamblers who bet on hockey last season and recognized this trend undoubtedly benefitted tremendously. Therefore, it is incorrect to simply assume that all teams will play better at home than on the road, and finding the top road teams can actually be a very effective strategy to help you bet on hockey.

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