Bet on Hockey: Phoenix at San Jose at SBG Global

Bet on hockey action is full of many great and intriguing match ups. Unfortunately the showdown between the juggernaut San Jose Sharks and the lowly Phoenix Coyotes is not one such marquee hockey betting match up.

The Sharks are looking to lock up home ice advantage as the bet on hockey playoffs approach while the last place Coyotes are playing for little more than NHL draft position.

Bet on hockey experts haven’t had to work too hard on this hockey betting line as the Sharks are the favorite to win this game by a mile. Just looking at this match up on paper is bet on hockey no-brainer. Facts are facts, and there are fewer certainties in the world than the Sharks feasting on a hapless Phoenix team.

And the facts are these: The Coyotes have no chance whatsoever of making the bet on hockey post season. This team has actually gotten worse, the farther from playoff contention it’s fallen and could very well be playing its worst hockey of the season right now. The coyotes have won just two of their last ten hockey betting match ups and will limp into San Jose just looking for the bet on hockey season to end.

In contrast, the Sharks are a team on the prowl locked in a heated bet on hockey battle with the Detroit Red Wings for the top seed in the Western Conference. The Sharks have stumbled a bit over the past 10 bet on hockey games (4-5-1) and now find themselves trailing the Wings by a point as the bet on season regular season approaches. This team is desperate to make up ground and will feast on the Coyotes. It’s also worth mentioning that the Shark Tank is one of the most difficult places for opposing teams to play in NHL bet on hockey action. The Sharks have an NHL best 27-3-4 record at home.

The Sharks also have the best defense in hockey betting with just 167 goals allowed. The Coyotes’ weak offense has little chance of exploiting this Sharks defense and this could turn into a blood bath before the night is over. With one team (the Sharks) playing for something very important (home ice advantage throughout the playoffs) and the other with little reason to play at all, this bet on hockey has all the makings of a blow out.

The Sharks offense is not one of the headliner groups in bet on hockey but it’s more than competent and it should have no trouble finding the net against a very bad Phoenix team.

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