Bet on Hockey: Phoenix at Anaheim at SBG Global

Bet on hockey action is far from a certain prospect, but if there is any such thing as a sure bet when it comes to hockey betting it is this: the Phoenix Coyotes are awful.

Whenever Coyotes are on the ice the smart bet on hockey move is to wager against them. And this proposition holds true in the Coyotes take to the road and travel to Anaheim to take on the Mighty Ducks in an upcoming challenge.

Bet on hockey enthusiasts have been following the Coyotes ineptitude all season long and little has changed from day one to now. Phoenix is a team that is struggling mightily against the bet on hockey competition and it the team’s coach wasn’t hockey betting royalty he would have been ousted long ago. The NHL has perhaps the worst job security of any sporting league and bet on hockey fans are counting the days until the Great One is asked to step down.

In the meantime the Coyotes wander the bet on hockey schedule with no real incentive to win and even more incentive not to win in order to boost their NHL hockey betting draft position. With just 28 wins so far in the schedule there are only a small handful of teams worse.

The Ducks are no juggernaut either but are noticeably better than Coyotes in terms of hockey betting competition. But more importantly, the Ducks dreams are still very much alive and the team can’t afford to lose a single bet on hockey game.

In the uber-competitive hockey betting scramble for a playoff spot the Ducks are currently trailing the Nashville Predators by just three points for the bet on hockey playoff eight seed. There are currently six teams all with three points of one another fighting for that spot and the Ducks must win the easy bet on hockey match ups like the one against the Coyotes. Led by Ryan Getslaf, Cory Perry and the grizzled Rob Neidemayer the team’s attack is formidable and gets an extra goal scoring boost from defense legend Teemu Selane.

The Ducks need to win this bet on hockey match up and all the hockey betting gurus stack the odds in their favor. But the Coyotes can’t lose every game and this might could be able to sneak out at least a point if they can push this bet on hockey match up to a shoot out.

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