Bet on Hockey at SBG Global

Bet on hockey choices are many at sportsbooks around the world. You have the side, total, parlay, futures and even proposition hockey betting options.

Bet on hockey options begin with betting the side. You choose the winner against the hockey betting money line. It is as simple as picking the winner of the game when you bet on hockey. The second bet on hockey choice is the total of the game. You are betting on whether the combined goals scored by the teams will go over or under the posted total on the game. The side and total wagers are the most common ways to bet on hockey.

Most sportsbooks also offer hockey future bets where you can bet on hockey teams to win the Stanley Cup. You may also have other future hockey betting options that include odds on teams winning their respective divisions or the Conference. Futures bets usually get the most play from the public before the season begins.

Some sportsbooks also offer proposition wagers where you can bet on hockey players in a game. The props might have one player matched up against another in the game. The player that scores the most points in the game would be the winner. Some sportsbooks also offer team propositions where you bet a team’s goal total for the game. The propositions as you bet on hockey are interesting sidelines to your main hockey betting wagers.

One other bet on hockey option starts when the NHL playoffs begin. You will have the option of betting on a series. This is where you bet on which team you think will win the playoff series. This bet on hockey option is only available before the playoff series begins.

Take a look at the many different bet on hockey choices you have as you bet NHL games this season. Consider the side and total options but don’t forget about futures and propositions. Future bets are a great way to stay in action all season long. You make just one bet and can cheer for your team all throughout the long NHL season. Take a look at all of the great NHL betting options you have available at the sportsbook today.