2010 Playoff Hockey Betting Comes To An End

July 18th, 2018 NHL Hockey

The 2010 hockey betting season will be remembered for many things but perhaps the longest lasting and most poignant impression that will linger on in the collective memory of the sports betting world is the terrific NHL playoff betting action.

After witnessing a number of highs and lows in this year’s NHL postseason odds matchups, any one that made a hockey bet on any of these terrific games will not soon forget it.

That the Chicago Blackhawks won the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals betting title isn’t all that surprising.  In fact it’s a pretty logical hockey betting conclusion considering that this team was one of the best in the NHL betting all year long (112 points) and a #2 seed in the Western Conference.  But what was unexpected, and extremely pleasing for fans that made a hockey bet this post season was how the Blackhawks and their Stanley Cup betting opponents, the Philadelphia Flyers arrived at the NHL Finals betting odds.

The Western Conference playoff betting wasn’t all that unpredictable and there weren’t that many upsets as the Blackhawks played their way to a conference championship and berth in the Stanley Cup betting action.  The biggest surprise out West was how easily the Hawks defeated the #1 seed San Jose Sharks in the Conference Final betting.  But that predictability (and quality hockey betting action) was a good counterweight to the craziness of the Eastern Conference playoff hockey betting.

The Eastern Conference NHL playoff betting was so crazy that if you were one of the millions of sports betting fans that made a hockey on any of those games there’s a very good chance that you lost money. Simply put, the 2010 NHL playoff betting, at least in the Eastern Conference, was the most unpredictable in NHL betting history –hands down.

History was re-written as we saw upset after upset and the most unlikely pairing of a #7 seed (Flyers) and a #8 seed (Montreal Canadiens) duked it out on the ice for a bid to play in the Stanley Cup betting finals.  It was a tremendous season of NHL playoff betting and the only regret is that this wild ride had to come to an end.

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