2010 Stanley Cup Odds Action Just Keeps Getting Better

Just when it seems that the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action can’t get any more interesting or any more exciting, this incredible sports betting journey takes some new and unexpected twist and hockey betting fans and left with the jaws dropped, their tongues hanging out and dizzying expression on their faces.

Who would have thought an #8 seed would reach the Eastern Conference Finals betting action?  Who would have thought a team could come back from a 3-0 deficit in the Stanley Cup betting action?  Who would have thought the #1 seed would be knocked out in the first round of the NHL playoff betting action?

The answer is no one.  Certainly not the 2010 Stanley Cup odds makers, but all of these unexpected and unprecedented hockey betting developments have occurred so far in this crazy NHL betting postseason and there’s still plenty of hockey left to be played.

Just a quick recap of the craziness that has unfolded in the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action so far reveals that this year’s hockey betting playoffs have been not only the weirdest and wildest sports betting post season in NHL history but also the most entertaining from a sports betting perspective and from a fans perspective.

Each night the respective NHL betting teams take the ice to square off in the 2010 Stanley Cup odds action you never know what to expect.  The NHL playoff betting seedings are entirely irrelevant this year.  How else do you explain a likely Eastern Conference Finals betting matchup between a #7 seed and a #8 seed?  It’s simply unprecedented in Stanley Cup betting history and there is no logical way to explain in sports betting terms.

And how do you even begin to explain a team coming back from the brink of hockey betting playoff elimination, down 3-0, and then winning three straight NHL playoff betting games, one of them on the road, and then coming into the decisive Game 7 favored in the Stanley Cup odds?

The 2010 Stanley Cup betting has defied explanation.  And just as abnormal as the action has been in the Eastern Conference, the hockey betting action in the Western Conference couldn’t be more predictable.  So far through the first two rounds of hockey betting there hasn’t been a single upset and the #1 and #2 seeds will meet up in the Western Conference Finals betting action.