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Texans have improved NFL football odds sans Osweiler

Houston Texans New Betting OddsCall it addition by subtraction. Las Vegas has adjusted the Houston Texans' NFL football odds of winning the Super Bowl from 40-1 to 20-1 to after trading QB Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns. Okay, fans who bet on NFL games understand that Oz fell way short of expectations in his brief time in Houston but, isn’t sending him to Cleveland just a little too harsh? Sometimes the crime doesn’t fit the punishment. The good news for Mr. Osweiler is that he is likely to spend even less time in Cleveland than he did in Houston.

NE Patriots substantiate NFL games Odds, win Super Bowl

: NE Patriots Super Bowl LI WinnerThe New England Patriots were the NFL games odds-on favorites to win Super Bowl 51, and by gawd they did it. The Atlanta Falcons were very close to pulling off an American football betting upset, and they would have done it too, if the game had finished at halftime. However, historically speaking, the Super Bowl has always gone all the way until the fourth quarter – and sometimes even well into overtime, as was the case last night – and that’s why you don’t count your chickens before they come home to roost. The Patriots won their 5th Super Bowl and they didn’t even have to cheat this time.

Superbowl Betting Online Team and Player Prop Bets

Superbowl betting online PropsThere are two types of Superbowl betting online prop bets at SBG Global; team props and player props. You can bet the Super Bowl 51 will feature plenty of both types of prop bets. 
Super Bowl 51 Team Props

American football betting odds to be Super Bowl 51 MVP

Super Bowl 51 MVP OddsWhen it comes to American football betting odds to be Super Bowl 51 MVP, many are called to place your NFL line bet on, but few are chosen:

·         Chris Hogan (Patriots) +3025

·         Deion Jones (Falcons) +25000

·         Devin McCourty (Patriots) +15000

NFL Game Odds to score first in the Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 - Betting PropsAccording to NFL games odds, who will do like Rambo and draw first blood in the Super Bowl 51? People ask us, “do you know if the Patriots or Falcons will score first?” And we answer, “well, of course we know that. What else is there? A kitten?” Seriously though, the NFL Superbowl line indicates that the New England Patriots will score first and, by process of elimination, the Atlanta Falcons will score last.

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