Zorn Stripped of Play Calling Duties NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Part of the problem in NFL betting lines has been head coach Jim Zorn but he will no longer be calling the offensive plays.

Football odds info indicates that job will now go to Sherman Lewis. NFL betting lines have the Redskins averaging a pathetic 13.2 points per game. They didn’t even score a TD in two of their home NFL betting lines games. Zorn was not happy about giving up the play calling duties but he really had little choice if he wanted to keep his job. "Sometimes we have to do things that are uncomfortable," Zorn said.

The Redskins are coming off an NFL betting lines loss to Kansas City. "The reason I can comply with this is simply because of the lack of scoring," Zorn said. "I want to win, too. If this has to be done this week, if this is going to be the key, I’m certainly willing to give it a try. Because we’re 2-4 and to not score in the last few weeks, the way we have not scored, is very frustrating."

Things are so bad for Washington in NFL betting lines that they are giving the offensive reigns to Lewis who was in retirement until a few weeks ago. "I don’t think it’s an ideal situation," quarterback Todd Collins said. The new play calling will begin when the Redskins play the Eagles next Monday night in NFL betting lines. Lewis will be in the upstairs coaching box and he will relay the plays to Zorn who will send them in. Zorn has said he will not override a play call made by Lewis. "I wouldn’t do that to Sherm," Zorn said.

The Redskins are such a mess in football odds that Zorn is just a figurehead at head coach. It is only a matter of time before he is let go. Many who wager on NFL betting lines wonder why he is still there at all. One decision that Zorn will have to make that will affect NFL betting lines is the starting quarterback. He has not announced who will start against the Eagles in football odds. Collins came in for an ineffective Jason Campbell and could get the nod against the Eagles in that NFL betting lines matchup. The Redskins are a touchdown underdog in NFL betting lines in the Monday night NFL odds game against the Eagles.

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