You Can Bet on Football in Delaware

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on football odds will be on the board in Delaware this fall at horse racetracks in Dover, Wilmington and Harrington.

Those football betting odds will look a lot like the ones you see at the online sportsbook. Bet on football information tells us that a judge denied a preliminary request by the sports leagues for an injunction so football betting is going to happen. The judge set a trial date of December 7th which is well into the bet on football season. The judge will rule on a summary judgment in November but the leagues don’t look to be able to win. Delaware is going to be able to offer NFL odds, despite the opposition from the National Football League.

The Delaware’s governor’s office released a statement saying that the state is moving forward with sports lottery options. Delaware is using sports betting as a way to increase revenue to take down the state’s budge deficit.

Only four states are exempt from the 1992 Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act. They are Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. Bet on football action is legal in Nevada and it could be legal in the other states. Delaware actually had football wagering in 1976 for one year but it was only on parlays.

Delaware wants to have bet on football odds similar to what is seen at the online sportsbook and the sports leagues don’t want that. The NFL, in their hypocritical stance, opposes what Delaware is trying to do. The NFL is trying to get the single game football betting option removed since Delaware didn’t offer it in 1976. It is a weak argument by the NFL but the NFL has been hypocritical regarding bet on football action for decades. Football betting drives the NFL, the league knows it, but they still pretend to be blind to how much they need bet on football action.

Eventually the United States will have little choice but to allow some sort of online betting. It probably will be poker before it is sports betting but the time is going to come when more and more states are allowing various forms of betting. The money available to the states is just too appealing and the state deficits just keep growing. Eventually the lawmakers will see the light and allow sports betting and it may not be long before it happens.

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