XLIV Super Bowl Betting Movement

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

XLIV Super Bowl betting actually started many months ago since sportsbooks had future Super Bowl odds up before the season even began.

How much does the line move in XLIV Super Bowl betting? Why do the Super Bowl odds move?

XLIV Super Bowl betting is done mostly by recreational gamblers. Yes, professionals will be the game but for the most part the Super Bowl odds are for the public. Many professional gamblers won’t bet them until the day of the game if they play the game at all. XLIV Super Bowl betting numbers will move from the preseason all the way up until the playoffs. Then the line will move once the two teams are determined. XLIV Super Bowl betting odds can move for any number of reasons once it gets to game week.

People love to watch the Super Bowl odds and follow the line movement. Too bad it doesn’t do them any good in picking the winner. The main reason that people want to tag along with these late Super Bowl moves is they believe someone knows something and is betting the game late because of this knowledge. Too bad that is not the case. There is rarely any inside information and these late XLIV Super Bowl betting line moves that you will see mean nothing.

It is actually pretty sad that line services and touts sell picks based on inside information. They don’t have it. Touts are known for claiming outrageous things and inside information is just one of those things. The bottom line is that line moves in XLIV Super Bowl betting don’t mean much. You may see some late line movement but keep in mind that these XLIV Super Bowl betting line moves just don’t mean anything. Many groups wait until close to game time to get the best number on Super Bowl odds, but it is not because they know something. They just want to get the best number when they get involved in XLIV Super Bowl betting. Sometimes late line moves may have some value, but they are not automatic winners.

When you look at Super Bowl odds movement keep in mind that the moves rarely mean anything. Even in the instances where a player might be injured, the injury rarely affects the outcome of the game and the oddsmakers are well aware of it before the line moves actually occur.

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