Winning Versus the Football Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

In order to win when you bet football odds you must not be influenced by public opinion either from the masses that bet NFL odds or the media.

Football odds are on the board each week giving you a choice of which side to bet. Your goal when you bet college and NFL odds is to win money. There are a few things you can do to make that more of a reality when you bet football odds.

Football odds should be bet with a clear mind and a solid plan. When you get ready to bet college and NFL odds you should set your mind to being tough and to not being reckless with your bankroll. You should realize that “less is more” and that needlessly exposing your bankroll to risk will ultimately grind you down into nothing, and prevent you from having the resources necessary to exploit a high value game on the football odds board.

Sure, we can all say that we won’t be influenced by public opinion, but it’s far tougher than you think when you finally realize that by following the crowd you are getting nowhere betting college and football odds. Sometimes in football odds you are better off going against the public opinion.

Oftentimes the most valuable bets are the toughest ones to make when wagering against football odds. Once you get tired of losing on those highly touted sure things in football odds that can’t seem to miss, perhaps you will understand that doing the tough thing is often doing the easy thing.

Bankroll management is of paramount importance when you bet college and NFL odds and is far more critical than expertise on a sport or a team. If you want to win money versus the football odds then you need to think more like an oddsmaker than a fan. When you think like a football odds maker, you will often be thinking in direct opposition to the gambling public, the vast majority of which do not win money. When you can see the public faltering you can see value, and you can find good plays versus the football odds.

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