Winning Super Bowl Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds are not as difficult to win against as you might think.

If you can pick the winner of this year’s Super Bowl your chances of covering the Super Bowl betting pointspread are more than 80%.

Super Bowl odds are so exciting that gamblers around the world bet billions of dollars on them. The biggest game of the NFL season is the most important one for sportsbooks around the world. As we look to pick winners versus the Super Bowl odds we can look at history to be our guide. We start our Super Bowl betting by picking the winning team. Only five times in Super Bowl betting history has the winner of the game not covered the point spread. There were three ties though, depending upon the closing Super Bowl number. What this means is that if you can pick the winner of the Super Bowl you are more than likely going to cover the Super Bowl odds.

As you look at Super Bowl odds you should remember that 90% of the bettors are public or recreational bettors. Gamblers that don’t play anything else all year will take a shot with Super Bowl odds. What this means is that the Super Bowl odds don’t move a great deal. The oddsmakers set the Super Bowl betting line based on how the public will bet. Professional gamblers don’t play the game much so the Super Bowl odds don’t really move. Whatever line movement you see on the game happens in the first few minutes after the odds are released. Another major reason the Super Bowl odds don’t move is that the sportsbooks don’t want to get middled. They would rather see anything happen than that. That is why they rarely move the Super Bowl odds. The one time where the middle happened was back in 1979 on Super Bowl XIII and sportsbooks have been very cautious ever since about moving Super Bowl odds.

Open a New Account and get ready to win this year’s Super Bowl by looking to pick the winner of the game. If you can pick the winner you are most likely going to win your bet.

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