Will there be a new franchise in Los Angeles

July 23, 2014 NFL Football

As we move into the upcoming 2014 NFL Preseason and Regular Season it appears that the NFL would like to return to Los Angeles and even Roger Goodell wants a team in L.A.  Thus the idea is no off the board or dead as of this moment.

In the past few years in the NFL is appeared that London would acquire a NFL franchise before Los Angeles would have another chance at hosting a NFL team, and now the L.A. Times is also reporting that the league is still very interested in their city.

Presently Chicago and Los Angeles are the only cities presently being considered to host the next 2015 NFL draft.  The L.A. Times also reported recently that “the NFL is taking another run at returning to Los Angeles” with the possibility of reviewing the idea of even building a stadium there that the league would actually outright own. 

The L.A. Times also reported that a team like in the old days could move to Los Angeles and build a stadium with most likely a loan via the NFL in order to complete the arrangements for a move. Thus they would own the stadium and all the profitable income generated by same.  On the other hand the League could build the stadium paying for same and then could realize the profits that it would create, having the rights to naming stadium, sell personal seat licenses and all other things that could generate income.

In doing such the NFL could allow those revenues gained to benefit the entire NFL as the other teams could share in the revenue that this stadium could generate. Surely, many of the NFL franchise owners are not keen of having Big Brother NFL as their permanent landlord.  After considering that, the NFL could create a more attractive franchise package by offering tenants control of the main revenue the stadium create through sales of Suites, and general admission and club seating, community sponsorships, advertising and marketing and parking and food and beverage establishments. This type of package could become a very attractive offer for a franchise.  Another possibility would be for the NFL to start construction of the stadium immediately, thus it would be ready for occupation for the team to be named at a later date. In that scenario the franchise to relocate would be able to announce the future date it would vacate its present host city, and at the same time have stadium in waiting in Los Angeles. 

Commissioner Goodell has said on several occasions that, he would love to be playing in L.A. but he wanted it done properly and he reiterated that he wanted both Los Angeles and London with franchises but he did not care who came first with the NFL franchise.  This should be very interesting for the fans who Bet on NFL and use NFL sportsbooks.

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