What Might Decide Super Bowl Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl odds for the game on February 1st in Tampa, Florida between the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers could very well be decided by one particular matchup.

The Steelers are 7-point favorites in Super Bowl betting but whether or not they cover those Super Bowl odds could depend upon how well Pittsburgh cornerback Ike Taylor does against Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Super Bowl odds can oftentimes be decided by matchups. If the Steelers can’t stop Fitzgerald they could easily lose in Super Bowl betting. The man that will be matched up against Fitzgerald is Ike Taylor. “He has 419 yards in the postseason, and it isn’t over with. He’s breaking some of Jerry Rice’s records,” Taylor said. “From what he’s displaying week in and week out, yeah, he’s one of the best in the world.” Taylor is a Pro Bowl alternate this season as Super Bowl odds information illustrates and although he doesn’t get the respect that James Harrison or Troy Polamalu get, he is well respected around the league. He gave up only two touchdowns in coverage all season as Super Bowl betting stats show. “Fitzgerald’s going to be the talk of the Super Bowl, and that’s going to be a key matchup,” linebacker Larry Foote said. “If Ike can do a great job on him, our chances of winning increase.”

Pittsburgh led the NFL in pass defense this season as Super Bowl odds stats show. And Pittsburgh had the best pass defense by a lot, allowing an average of 22 yards per game fewer than any other team as Super Bowl betting stats indicate. Super Bowl odds stats tell us that only three teams threw for over 200 yards against them this season. Super Bowl odds stats show that no team, not one, threw for 300 yards. Two teams were held below 100 yards passing as Super Bowl odds numbers show. Taylor won’t be doing the job on Fitzgerald alone. Super Bowl odds information tells us that the rest of the defense will be important as they try to put pressure on Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner.

Matchups are always important in Super Bowl odds and that is the case again this year. If Taylor shuts down Fitzgerald it is very unlikely that Arizona will be able to cover the Super Bowl odds.

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