Weekly NFL Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines are available each week starting with the preseason in August and continuing right through the Super Bowl in February.

Many gamblers that wager against the NFL betting odds believe they should win money each week of the NFL season. Unfortunately, this is not reality.

NFL betting lines do give you a lot of chances to win money, but to think you are going to win every week would be a fallacy. Many gamblers can pick winners versus the NFL betting odds but very few can manage their money effectively. This is why most bettors lose money versus NFL betting lines. They have this notion that they should win every week of the season. The reality of the situation is much different versus the NFL betting lines. Picking 60% against the NFL betting lines is tough work and winning every week is just not going to happen.

The winning gambler realizes that wagering against the NFL betting lines is a season long battle full of ups and downs. He doesn’t overreact to losses. He sticks to his plan throughout the season versus the NFL betting lines. Going on tilt is something that can’t be done if you want to consistently win money versus the NFL betting lines. And yes, going on tilt is very easy to do, even for the experienced pro. Bad beats and tough losses happen all the time and the temptation to make a big bet to get even is huge. Seasoned gamblers resist that temptation versus NFL betting lines while many others do not.

Money management is talked about all the time but rarely is it practiced successfully by gamblers that wager against the NFL betting lines. People win a few games, lose a few games and overreact to the losses when wagering against the NFL betting odds. That is how the average gambler goes about his business when wagering against NFL betting odds and that is why he loses. Winners don’t overreact and stay in control. Can you do that this season as you wager against NFL betting lines?  If not, then you might want to reconsider your wagering.

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