2019 NFL Coach to be Fired First Odds

Washington’s Jay Gruden Tops NFL Bets List to Be Fired First

August 14th, 2019 NFL Football, Sports Betting

On the whole the Washington Redskins problems go deeper than any coach.  Owner Dan Snyder has been the one constant during a period of perpetual mediocrity.  However, it’s always the coach or general manager that pays for Snyder’s meddling. Jay Gruden is the top favorite to be fired first in the NFL this year.  Gruden has posted back to back NFL bets records of 7-9.  A slow start to the season could mean the end.  Additionally, feeling the heat are the Giants Pat Shurmur and Detroit’s Matt Patricia.  Also, under the gun are Houston’s Bill O’Brien, and Atlanta’s Dan Quinn.

2019 NFL Coach to be Fired First Odds

Date and Time:Season Opens Monday, September 5, 2019
2019 Coach to be Fired First NFL Bets odds at SBG:Jay Gruden +300, Pat Shurmur +700, Matt Patricia +1000, Bill O’Brien +1200, Dan Quinn +1200, Doug Marrone +1500, Jason Garrett +1500, Mike Zimmer +1500, Adam Gase +2000, Brian Flores +2000, Mike Tomlin +2000, Ron Rivera +2000

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Jay Gruden – Washington Redskins

Washington has made the playoff twice since 2008.  Gruden produced a post season berth in his first season of 2015.  However, since that time the Redskins have regressed in NFL bets value.  Gruden has some bad luck last year when quarterback Alex Smith missed six games.  Yet the roster he has been given doesn’t inspire confidence for long term success.  To his credit Gruden has publicly confronted his status.  Cause by a rash of penalties in 2018 did his coaching reputation decline.

Pat Shurmur – New York Giants

Certainly, Shurmur inherited a declining team when he took over Big Blue in 2018.  New York’s 5-11 sports betting record was an improvement over the 3-13 mark in 2017.  Among the big questions for Shurmur and the Giants is how much longer can Eli Manning effectively quarterback.  Of great concern for everyone is Shurmur’s career head coaching record of 15-34.  That includes his failed tenure with the Cleveland Browns.  While the Giants plight isn’t entirely Shurmur’s fault he has got to break through this year.

Matt Patricia – Detroit Lions

Patricia arrived at Detroit with plenty of bluster and bravado.  Indeed, he was an assistant with Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.  Naturally that association sparked plenty of NFL Bets optimism.  By contrast the reality of Patricia’s debut season was a 6-10 flop.  Certainly, the Lions are a never-ending mess that hasn’t even made a single Super Bowl.  Owing to such an erratic and sloppy season have doubts creeped in about Patricia.

Bill O’Brien – Houston Texans

On the whole O’Brien has done a respectable job with the Texans.  Houston has made the playoffs in three of the last four seasons.  Yet there is a sense that O’Brien has left money on the table.  Furthermore, the Texans have fired two general managers in the past two seasons.  All of which leads to a dysfunctional front office that all points to O’Brien.  Anything less than a playoff berth could turn the tables on the head coach.

Dan Quinn – Atlanta Falcons

Account of what looked like a certain Super Bowl championship against New England was Quinn celebrated as a genius.  But the Patriots stunning rally from a 28-9 deficit to win 34-28 set the Falcons on an immediate decline.  Subsequently Atlanta has gone 10-6 and then 7-9 last year.

NFL Bets Pick as First Coach to be Fired:  Matt Patricia

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