Washington Quarterbacks Confused NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines have the Washington Redskins a touchdown underdog in Monday night as they host the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Redskins are a mess in NFL betting lines with head coach Jim Zorn giving up his play calling duties to Sherm Lewis and with quarterbacks Jason Campbell and Todd Collins not playing well.  Those that bet football odds at the sports book will probably not be looking to take Washington on Monday night.

NFL betting lines at the sportsbook haven’t been very popular on Washington with Campbell at quarterback.  He has yet to show he is an NFL caliber quarterback and it doesn’t sound very promising for this week in NFL betting lines either.  Campbell has already said that confusion could arise with the play calling this NFL betting lines week. "There’ll probably be a couple of plays I have in my head," Campbell said, "just in case if some reason it doesn’t get in on time." Backup quarterback Todd Collins didn’t sound much better. “It is unsettling. I’ve never gone through this before. I’ve never had a play caller get changed in the middle of the season.” he said.  Just a couple of weeks ago in football odds, Sherm Lewis was in retirement and now he is calling plays for the Redskins.  The entire situation is a mess for head coach Jim Zorn and the players as they head into Monday’s NFL betting lines matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that can be seen on ESPN.

Lewis has a limited understanding of the Washington offense as football odds show but does not yet know all of the protections, etc. that will be required.  It sounds pretty bad for Washington in NFL betting lines.  The one positive for Washington in football odds is that they weren’t very good on offense anyway.  It can’t get much worse than it was in NFL betting lines.  The players are still the same and that is the bad news for Washington in NFL betting lines. Other than running back Clinton Portis and tight end Chris Cooley, the Redskins don’t have many offensive weapons that can impact NFL betting lines.  For some reason Zorn stuck with Campbell this week and that is a huge negative if you are backing the Redskins in football odds.  At least with Todd Collins at quarterback the Redskins had a chance to be competitive in NFL betting lines.

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