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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Wagering online football can be profitable if you do the necessary research for your picks.

Preparation is a key element towards success in football betting and something you must consider at all times.

Wagering online football preparation is not scanning the media and stat sheets on game week. Preparation for football betting begins weeks before the season even starts as a gambler must research different handicapping angles and develop his methodology that is based on situational rather than team by team traits. For example, the vast majority of handicappers that look at wagering online football games base their selections on specific teams traits and trends while ignoring solid situational handicapping angles that may change from team to team but never change as far as how the public will perceive those situations.

Each team will come and go as far as success or failure but certain wagering online football situations always make for good angles. Power road dogs, for example, are usually a solid value in which a gambler is getting an extra point or two versus the football betting line. In the playoffs your better defensive teams are always worth a solid look as are teams that have a solid edge over others in turnover margin.

Another important wagering online football factor that a gambler must prepare for is money management. The gambler that develops expertise at money management is a gambler that will be more successful. Have you ever heard of gamblers that look at wagering online football all day and pick more winners than losers and still lose money? It happens all the time. By the same token, however, there are other guys that maybe pick just half of their games right, or perhaps even a little less than half, and yet make money at wagering online football because of their money management skills. While most participants at wagering online football are going over the roster moves, etc., the smart handicapper is preparing consistent methodology and money management plans that will stand the test of time during the long and tumultuous football season.

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