Vick’s Football Betting Impact May Have to Wait

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting may not involve Michael Vick for quite some time.

The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback was reinstated to the NFL conditionally by Commissioner Roger Goodell, but so far there are not any teams that have expressed any serious interest in signing Vick. It is possible that Vick ends up impacting UFL football odds at the online sportsbook before he impacts NFL football odds at the sportsbook.

Football betting in the UFL would probably see Vick land with the Orlando franchise since they have his rights. Vick could play in that football betting league and then perhaps an NFL team would take a chance on him. What football betting teams would take a chance on Vick? The reality is that not very many teams would take a chance on the public relations mess that Vick would bring with him.

Football betting interest in Vick is limited to a very short list of NFL teams. And none of these teams are seriously interested in Vick. It is just possible that maybe somewhere down the road they might be. Solid franchises like the Patriots and Cowboys who always get attention in football betting could take a longshot chance on Vick. Teams with very little to lose like Oakland and Detroit versus the football odds could also show an interest down the road in Vick. Other teams that are football betting longshots to have an interest include the Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills. Keep in mind that none of these teams have a serious interest in Vick. They are just teams that haven’t officially been ruled out.

Many NFL teams have already said they will not sign Vick, period. The Seahawks, 49ers, Rams, Giants and Jets have already publicly said they will not sign Vick. The other 18 teams also have no interest in Vick as football betting info shows even though they haven’t publicly said so. Some teams just would not take Vick because of the public relations nightmare he would create.

Football betting probably won’t involve Vick in the NFL right away. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen before the football betting season is over. If Vick lands in the United Football League in football odds that could pave the way for an NFL team to take a shot with him later in the football betting season, depending on his behavior.

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