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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds in college football can be all about finding value.

Sometimes you will get in on a team that gives you win after win against the odds football while other times you will not. What is the key to finding value in college football odds?

Football odds are really influenced a great deal by perception. If a team is perceived as a good one, they are going to be laying points on a regular basis. This does not mean they will always be covering the football odds though. That is what value in college football odds is all about. You must find teams that are giving you a fair shake in odds football. You can’t just be laying points every week with a team like USC or Ohio State. They are oftentimes overvalued, and while they will probably win straight up, they may not cover the football odds.

One place that you can often find value in football odds is on the road. The public just doesn’t like betting road teams. The college football public is far more intimidated by betting against teams at home. That means you have high prices on home favorites in college football odds. Many times these teams are favored by more than they should be. Do you have the fortitude to take a Northwestern at Ohio State when they are getting 28 points on the football odds board? You know that Ohio State is going to win the game but the value in football odds may be with the Wildcats getting four touchdowns.

Keep in mind that there are two classes of teams in college football. There are the traditional power “name brand” teams such as Notre Dame, USC, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, etc. And the there is everyone else. And everyone else is often where the money is to be made in odds football. That is not to say that you won’t ever get to bet the elite teams when you bet college football odds. And that is not to say they won’t cover sometimes. It’s just that you want to take them preferably as dogs. And yes, you get power teams as dogs throughout the year. Ohio State plays Michigan, Texas plays Oklahoma, etc.

When you assess college football odds value always try and look where the public is not and take a chance with teams and conferences that don’t get the notoriety of the more famous teams as you will often find excellent value and don’t be afraid to take the points.

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