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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Unlike what you hear, the football odds are not set based on merits of teams. Perception is far more important on the NFL betting odds board.

Football odds are bet by gamblers trying to win money. This seems obvious at first, but many times winning money is not always easy. If you want to win money versus college and NFL betting odds you must find value. How do we find that value when betting football each week of the season? Football odds can be wagered on each week of the season.

The biggest and most common mistake made versus NFL betting odds is that handicappers are reactive rather than pro-active and tend to fail to keep a level head and long term approach. Many gamblers are betting on last year’s or last week’s results, without fully taking into account what the angles are for the current week in football odds.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are looking over the football odds board is that the ultimate aim is value. You want more points on dogs than is merited, and you want to lay fewer points on favorites than you really should be in college and NFL betting odds. You want to bet unders on games with totals that are too high and overs on games with totals that are too low in college and football odds. All of this seems obvious but many gamblers just don’t do it when betting football. You must understand that the pointspreads and totals are based on public perception versus football odds board reality.

How the public is going to bet is much more important to the football odds makers than the talent of the two teams. This fact is continually illustrated each week in football odds. There are so many games where the football odds are tilted toward a team simply because of public perception. If you want to find value then you will have the guts enough to go against that team. That is value in terms of football odds.

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