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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting tips can be so overwhelming that they sometimes don’t do you much good.

In NFL betting you are best off trying to keep things simple in NFL football betting as information overload becomes counterproductive and mind clouding. There are some basic guidelines for NFL betting that can be helpful and it is those we want to take a look at.

NFL betting tips begin with keeping things simple. If you can avoid getting overloaded with information you have a better chance to win. Here are five good NFL betting tips.

1. A simple NFL betting tip is to take a power team on the road. A true power team is often over-priced at home but will be a much better value when traveling, and as a power team they will have already proven the ability to win in hostile environments.

2. Bet power underdogs on the road in NFL betting. Oftentimes on the road a power team will be in the role of small dog and end up winning the game straight up in NFL football betting.

3. If two teams that have similar records come up against each other lean with the team that has the better defense, particularly in the playoffs. There is a reason for the saying that “defense wins championships” and that applies to NFL betting as well.

4. If a team enjoys a tremendous home field advantage with a hostile environment, such as Seattle, they are worth a look and certainly a team to consider in NFL betting. Home field advantage is a subject all unto itself but remember it is not as simple as a generic three points in NFL betting. Some teams like Seattle have a huge edge at home.

5. Go against last year’s Super Bowl teams in NFL betting. This is as simple as it gets and gives you two plays every week. Rarely do Super Bowl teams repeat their NFL betting success the following season.

These are just a few NFL football betting tips to consider this season. By starting off simple you free your mind to be a winner at NFL football betting.

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